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Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to make your thin lips look pouty naturally(Requested)

Ok so every girl wants that pouty, full and attractive lips. Its a blessing for those who have it naturally but for those who don't , you can have it in few quick and easy steps. Before demonstrating the steps below, I would like to share something. Before I  used to think I have really full, pouty and plum lips but then, if my friend Disha never requested me to help her get pouty & full lips, I would have never tried it and would never know the difference and am really loving it. You can see the instant change.
So all u need are:
these are the products that i used

a concealer
a lip liner
a mate lipstick(color of your choice)
a moisturizing lipstick(same color as the mate)
a lip gloss matching ur lipstick color
a neutral color lip gloss
and a brush/ lip gloss aplicator

First take your concealer and apply it and conceal your lips and blend in your concealer well using a brush.

Next take your lip liner and start out lining your lips. Make sure you go beyond your actual lip line to give the illusion of fuller and plum lips. Be careful  you do not want to over do it. 

Now take your mate lipstick
 and apply it on your lips. 

Next take your moisturizing lipstick and 
apply on top of the mate lipstick.

            Now take your lip gloss
            and apply on your lips 
            over the lipstick

Now take the neutral color lip gloss
 and apply it onto the cupid's bow  
and center of bottom lips.

                                                                               Lastly take your brush 
and blend in the lip gloss

lightly and u get plum, pouty,
 full and attractive lips instantly




  1. aww ma ma sexy kissable lips...... omgg...

  2. like the lip color.You should list what lip products your used..i mean the name and color.

    Deepika <3

  3. wow....ur lips looking sexy!!!!!!!!!!

  4. this looks amazinglove this look...

    follow me

  5. That colour is gorgeous and your lips look great!!!

  6. WOW ! That was a perfect kissable lip, i wish i have the same like you