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Friday, November 25, 2011

How to style a blazer.

 Since I am not working now , yes am a full time mommy so my blazers were sitting my closet for a while now. Most of my blazers are neutral and light color and the stylings that were coming to my mind would look best in bright colors and boyfriend blazers and definitely would not go with my office wear blazers. So I wasn't geting any chance to wear them. But finally I came up with this look. It spices up any plain t-shirt and also is a good way to wear the same top with a different style and look, so you do not feel boring. its very plain and simple but at the same time gives you an edgy look. And i think this kind of look can be carried out by anyone and everyone with any body type. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Me in ethnic wear: celebrating Durga puja....

My Dream birthday cake made by me..

My dream cake made by me.
So every girly girl specially if she is a makeup addict crazy shopaholic like me will definitely love this makeup birthday cake...It was my dream cake till date and i was determined to get it for this year's bday for sure. So I called up around 11 bakeries near my house but sadly none of them made like this fondant cake and I found one bakery online but their prices were just too high it was around $105 for a cake that also only a shoe on top of the cake but I wanted something that had makeup and all so I decided to go ahead and make it myself only and I did it.
Yes this fondant makeup cake is entirely made by me with my hand no instrument nothing. In the beginning I was a little skeptical but it turned out to be really nice and beyond my expectation. And best part was it was delicious.  

just after i finished making it, you can see the ingredients behind.

My birthday day bash..

My 70's disco theme bday party.
Ok so my bday was on 2nd of Nov but i celebrated it yesterday (5th of Nov) with all my near and dear friends. It was a 70's Disco theme party and it was all organised and arranged by my lovely husband. He made me feel like a queen, I sat the entire day pampering myself and he arranged the entire party starting from decorating to cooking some delicious continental dishes. And thanks to my gals for making to more fun and special by joining us. Over all it was one of the wonderful and best day of my life.

My dream cake made by me..