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Friday, January 10, 2014

Flashback Friday: I miss you "snow" much.

Just a little dip down the memory lane. Lately my facebook is filled with "snowy" updates from my mid-west friends which is making me miss those beautiful snowy days. Last year around this time I was in the states and the temperature dropped to a freaking -20 . I loved when it used to snow , to wake up and see everything outside has turned white gave a me a different kind of joy. Snowy days used to be my favorite, my hubby used to work from home, no school for Samayera so it was kind of a family time spending most of the time on my living room couch with a huge cup of coffee and having some quality time with my family and yes I never used to fail to take pictures for my blog. I loved the snowy background for the photos.
                            This photos were taken on one of those days but I never posted them on my blog as I did not like the picture quality but I never knew I would miss my snowy background and snow so much that I would put them up this year as a treat to myself.

Top- rue 21
Outerwear - Target
Stockings -  Target
Boots - Charlotte Ruse
Handbag - From a random shop
Necklace - Sent by favor21
Hat - Charlotte Russe.