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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday/New year eve party makeup: Product listing.


  •  Elf primer

Eye shadows:
  • Copper color- Sable by MAC
  • black color- Onyyx by covergirl 
  • Golden color- The neighbor from "the balm and the beautiful pallet"
Eyeliners/pencils and mascara:
  • Kohl pencil- La color
  • Revlon liquid eye liner.
  • Maybelline collsal volume express mascara
  • Maybelline gel liner in blackest black

  • 239 eye shadder brush by MAC 
  • 275 angled brush by MAC
  • 266 angled brush by MAC
  • 252 shadder brush by MAC

  • Really Red by Revlon.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mordern bridal/Party makeup tutorial : Product listing.

  1. Foundation- MAC studio fix in NC45
  2. Concealer- MAC Studio finish in NC45
  3. Power- MAC studion finish sheer pressed powder
  4. Blusher-  CoverGirl Cheekers Blush, Pretty Peach
  1. Eyeshadow- 
 .Goldmine by MAC applied on the entire eyelid.
 .Mythology by MAC applied on the outer corner,on and above the crease.
 .The oil tycoon color from my" The balm and the beautiful " pallet applied on the crease.
 .White frost by Mac applied on my brow bone near the tear ducts and lower lash line
   2. Eyeliner-  Maybelline gel liner in blackest back
   3.  Mascara-  Maybelline collosal volume express

  1. Lipstick- 5076 visions coral red color by oriflame
  2. Lipstain- Lucky lady color by Elf

Winter look book: Look 1

Top:Ross , 
Skirt:Charlotterusse ,
Boots: Tj Maxx, 
Winter coat: Walmart
Hat: Forever 21, 
Winter Jacket: Walmart, 
Bag: Tj Maxx (Lindsay Lohan brand)

Sorry the picture is a bit hazy but I did not have any other pic with the jacket on.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wearable smokey eye look: Product Listing.

  1.  Elf primer

  Eye shadows:
  1. silver ring by MAC
  2. black eyeshadow by Elf
  1. MAC 239 eye shadder brush
  2. 275 angled brush by MAC
  3. 266 angled brush by MAC
  4. eyeshadow brush from essential line of  Elf
  1. Dramatic lashes by Elf
Eyeliners/pencils and mascara:
  1. Kajal by blue heaven (from India)
  2. Kohl pencil by L.A. Colors.
  3. Revlon liquid eye liner.
  4. Maybelline collsal volume express mascara.

Frosty look for winter : Product listing.

So ever since I  uploaded  the video

                     "Get healthy curls without using curling iron in minutes  "

on youtube a lot of people asked what products I used for this look. So here it is.

  1. Foundation- MAC studio fix in NC45 (Matte finish)
  2. Concealer- MAC studio finish in  NC45
  3. Powder- MAC sheer pressed powder in NC45
  1. Eye shadow- wet n wild cream/shadow pencil in electro (applied on both upper and lower lash line)
  2. Eyeliner- Elf gel liner in plum
  3. Mascara-Maybelline Colossal volume express
  1. Lipsick -330 divine divine by covergirl

Friday, November 25, 2011

How to style a blazer.

 Since I am not working now , yes am a full time mommy so my blazers were sitting my closet for a while now. Most of my blazers are neutral and light color and the stylings that were coming to my mind would look best in bright colors and boyfriend blazers and definitely would not go with my office wear blazers. So I wasn't geting any chance to wear them. But finally I came up with this look. It spices up any plain t-shirt and also is a good way to wear the same top with a different style and look, so you do not feel boring. its very plain and simple but at the same time gives you an edgy look. And i think this kind of look can be carried out by anyone and everyone with any body type. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Me in ethnic wear: celebrating Durga puja....

My Dream birthday cake made by me..

My dream cake made by me.
So every girly girl specially if she is a makeup addict crazy shopaholic like me will definitely love this makeup birthday cake...It was my dream cake till date and i was determined to get it for this year's bday for sure. So I called up around 11 bakeries near my house but sadly none of them made like this fondant cake and I found one bakery online but their prices were just too high it was around $105 for a cake that also only a shoe on top of the cake but I wanted something that had makeup and all so I decided to go ahead and make it myself only and I did it.
Yes this fondant makeup cake is entirely made by me with my hand no instrument nothing. In the beginning I was a little skeptical but it turned out to be really nice and beyond my expectation. And best part was it was delicious.  

just after i finished making it, you can see the ingredients behind.

My birthday day bash..

My 70's disco theme bday party.
Ok so my bday was on 2nd of Nov but i celebrated it yesterday (5th of Nov) with all my near and dear friends. It was a 70's Disco theme party and it was all organised and arranged by my lovely husband. He made me feel like a queen, I sat the entire day pampering myself and he arranged the entire party starting from decorating to cooking some delicious continental dishes. And thanks to my gals for making to more fun and special by joining us. Over all it was one of the wonderful and best day of my life.

My dream cake made by me..

Sunday, October 2, 2011

LOOK BOOK 2011 (DC trip)

                                        Look 4:Oct 2nd 2011 (me in DC)
Top: Bebe, Jean:Gap, Boots: TjMaxx, Bag: Juicy couture, Glasses: Prada

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LOOK BOOK 2011 (Smokey, Virginia and DC trip Pics)

I know I promised I will post atleast 1 OOTD everyday but for some reason I could not, sorry for that. But currently I went on a trip and have loads a outfit pics from the trip to share with you all.
                                         Look 1 .Sept 28th 2011(Fun at Virginia beach)
Top: Kohl's, Skirt: Jcpenny, Bag:American Eagle outfitters, Glasses:Prada.

Look 2 .Sept 29Th 2011(hiking at Smoky mountains)
Top:Walmart, Jean:Kohls, Shoes:Target, Cross Bag:American eagle outfitters.

Look 3.Sept 27th 2011 (Exploring the Smoky mountains, NC)
Knitted top/dress: Tj Maxx, Boots: Target.

Look 4.Sept 26th 2011 (Exploring the Smoky mountains, NC)

Jean & top: Kohl's, Cross bag : American eagleoutfitters
Snikers: Puma, Glasses: Kenneth cole reaction

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

LOOK BOOK 2011(Vacation at Vegas)

Okay so i have been getting a lot of  requests on my youtube channel as well as on my facebook page and my facebook profile to do daily outfit videos or more of OFTD / OFTN. So I decided instead of doing videos why not do blog posts like create a look book. 

Look 1 Party at Vegas 

Black one sleeved club wear dress by Bisou Bisou paired up with leopard print pumps from Max studio, and oversized black and leopard print clutch (made by me), ring from forever 21.

Maxi dress paired up with louis vuitton speedy  a necklace,chanel glass and flat sanda

Look 3 Night out outfit
Dress: NY and Co, Shoes: Carlote Russe, Handbag: LV Speedy, Ring: Forever21.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Victoria's secret eyeshadow swatches and review.

So this was my first purchase of victoria's secret makeup. After dropping my daughter at her school I went to the mall to spend my free time shopping around, and thats when I came across these eyeshadows at the Victoria's Secret store. I was instantly attracted towards them and specially because of their packaging. I am a sucker for single eyeshadows, I wear it or not I keep hoarding them.
 And when I saw these cute eyeshadows I could not resist but bought them, as this was my first purchase
 and I was not sure of its pigmentation and color payoff I bought only two of them.                                                

 Ok so for the review part now, lets start with the pros, firstly its highly pigmented. The color pay off is great too. Now lets talk about the cons , yes its a bit chalky specially the wet dry shadow, but using it with a good primer you can easily avoid fall outs. Overall they are really good and I am happy with the purchase and hopefully will buy more of them soon.
                                Under sunlight
                               Color:Plum Crazy
                                 Eye shadow type: Wet dry 

                                                             Under artificial lighting.

                                                                      Under sunlight
               Color:Green Goddess  
                     Eye shadow type: Baked

                                                           Under artificial lighting.

Both color's swatches under sunlight.

 Both color's swatches under artificial lighting.



Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to make your thin lips look pouty naturally(Requested)

Ok so every girl wants that pouty, full and attractive lips. Its a blessing for those who have it naturally but for those who don't , you can have it in few quick and easy steps. Before demonstrating the steps below, I would like to share something. Before I  used to think I have really full, pouty and plum lips but then, if my friend Disha never requested me to help her get pouty & full lips, I would have never tried it and would never know the difference and am really loving it. You can see the instant change.
So all u need are:
these are the products that i used

a concealer
a lip liner
a mate lipstick(color of your choice)
a moisturizing lipstick(same color as the mate)
a lip gloss matching ur lipstick color
a neutral color lip gloss
and a brush/ lip gloss aplicator

First take your concealer and apply it and conceal your lips and blend in your concealer well using a brush.

Next take your lip liner and start out lining your lips. Make sure you go beyond your actual lip line to give the illusion of fuller and plum lips. Be careful  you do not want to over do it. 

Now take your mate lipstick
 and apply it on your lips. 

Next take your moisturizing lipstick and 
apply on top of the mate lipstick.

            Now take your lip gloss
            and apply on your lips 
            over the lipstick

Now take the neutral color lip gloss
 and apply it onto the cupid's bow  
and center of bottom lips.

                                                                               Lastly take your brush 
and blend in the lip gloss

lightly and u get plum, pouty,
 full and attractive lips instantly