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Sunday, July 31, 2016

New Mexico Vacation : Dinner at 10000 feet top at Sandia Peak.

Hello all today on blog sharing pictures from our trip to Sandia Peak , Albuquerque that we visited during our New Mexico vacation. It was a wonderful experience. Starting from the drive, to the tram ride, to having some delicious dinner on top of 10000 feet high peak was a one of kind experience. Here sharing my experience through pictures.

Checkout our trip video here

Monday, July 25, 2016

New Mexico Vacation pictures: Day 2 at Albuquerque Biological Park.

Hi all today on blog I am sharing pictures from the 2nd day of our New Mexico Vacation. On the 2nd day of our stay at Albuquerque in the morning we went to the Albuquerque Boilogical park which is a combination of botanical garden and aquarium. It was a beautiful place to explore my kids enjoyed it a lot specially the aquarium I loved the gardens with different landscapes featuring different countries. All in all it was a wonderful day spent later in the evening we went to Sandia Peak where we took a tram ride to 10,000 feet top of the peak to enjoy the view, sunset and lovely dinner at the high maintainance restaurant located on top of the peak. Pictures of the Sandia Peak trip will be up soon till then enjoy part 2 of our vacation Vlog video up here. And if you haven't seen part 1 of our vacation then you can check it out here

Checkout the vacation Vlog video 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Mexico vacation pictures: Day 1 at New Town Plaza Albuquerque.

Hello all yay weekend is almost here I get so pumped out with weekend being so close. So last week we went for a 6 day long trip to New Mexico and here is my first post on the vacation. On this vacation I have seen some of the most beautiful places. We started on the 5th of July drove straight for 8 hours and stayed the night at a hotel at next day we drove another 4 hours to Albuquerque New Mexico the drive itself was so beautiful. We reached our hotel at around 3pm freshened up enjoyed the view from the hotel while having coffee then quickly got ready to explore the city. The first day we didn't want to do anything much as the drive made us little tired so we decided to explore the old town plaza , Albuquerque which was just 6
miles from our hotel . I loved that place , it gave a feeling of old Spanish town the small houses and colorful background made me so happy I couldn't stop taking pictures. If you are at Albuquerque this place is a must visit. It had small shops and Mexican restaurants. We wanted to have dinner at one of the restaurants their but by the time we were done exploring the city and ready to dine most of the restaurants their was closed so if you want to dine there make sure you are ready by 7pm as most of the restaurants closes by 8pm. There are small gift shops from where you can buy Indian jewelries and arts, we got homemade chocolates and eat some snacks while enjoying live music by a local band. All in all it was an wonderful experience. Here sharing some pictures from the first day at Albuquerque also you can Checkout first part of the vacation vlog video here.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer lookbook: Stripe dress with a pop of red.

Hello all hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I am on a long vacation which is coming to an end almost and am a bit sad about that but never mind my heart is filled with beautiful memories of the vacation. I have seen some of the most beautiful places on this trip I will share pictures soon on my blog till then you can see some pictures I shared on Instagram . Also I have captured some amazing videos of the trip so a vacation Vlog will be up on my YouTube vlog channel . While on vacation I planed to post some outfit posts but it didn't work according to my plans, although I carried my laptop and had access to the internet but after exploring different places throughout the day I used to feel too tired to even open my laptop, I didn't force my self to work as I wanted a relaxing vacation. But today is the last day of vacation and nothing much to do we visited a place in the morning and we are heading towards our home our home is a little more than 800miles drive we will drive for 500 miles and stay at a hotel and then will cover the rest of 300 miles to home . So while my hubby is driving and kids are sleeping in the back seat I have some time in my hand and thought of sharing this outfit post with you all. I wore this black and white stripe dress and my favorite red fringe heels to support a blogger friend at an event at Neiman Marcus's Houston Galleria Mall few weeks back, this dress is an absolute favorite of mine and was such a steal was on clearance for 80% off can you imagine. Also the clutch from Calvin Klein was another steal deal originally $140 I paid just $88. I hope you all like my look and can't wait to share my vacation looks with you all,  have a wonderful week ahead. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer look book: Styling a backless maxi dress in collab with chicu.

Hi all happy long weekend hope you all are having a wonderful 4th of July weekend. You all must be occupied with plans , trips and vacation. Its quite slow and low key here. We are not doing anything over the long weekend we are actually leaving for a 5 day long vacation mid of next week, thanks to the off days that hubby has due to his change in work. So we want to make full use of those off days and going to a place where I rather we both (me and hubby) wanted to go for a long. I will be sharing about our vacation on my Instagram so make sure you follow me there. Since we not doing much over the weekend I did not shoot any outfit pictures too so this weekend sharing pictures of outfit I received from an online store called Chicuu .
I wore this beautiful backless maxi dress to a pool party on top of my swimwear and received a ton of compliments. I love maxi dresses its my favorite outfit during the summer so I asked them to send me
three beautiful maxi dresses , you can see the other two here on my youtube channel where I shared how I styled them also I am giving away $25 Chicuu gift card. So checkout the video enter the giveaway.

Chicuu look book and Giveaway.