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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spring lookbook: Mommy and me outfit idea.

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So finally a super late post is up. These pictures are from Easter weekend when we went to our local Easter fair with the kids. I wore matching outfits with my daughters. I always love matching my outfits with my kids if not exactly the same clothes I try to wear color coordinated clothes at least. Most of the time its difficult to find out exact same clothes for three of us as we need to look in 3 different sections of a store but there are many stores where they have "mommy and me" sections and also many online stores offer custom made clothes for mother and daughters but I find them pretty expensive . If its once in a while or occasionally you wanna match your outfits with your kids then you can totally try out those stores but if its always you want to match then it becomes little difficult. So I am always on the hunt and have to be innovative to try and find matching clothes with my kids, like for this look Anaira received this over all on her birthday as a gift and the other day while doing my grocery at Walmart I saw a jeans overall at kids clothing section and I picked up one for Samayera and thought both my kids will wear matching clothes at least and as I was about to leave I saw few overalls in the kids size 14-16 and I thought of giving it try (sounds crazy right) but I have lost a lot of weight and now XS fits me perfectly so I thought I might fit into a 16 yrs cloth and yes I was right . It fitted me like a glove and I was so happy and the best part was it was super affordable. And there was my perfect "mommy and me" look.