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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fish tail braid ..perfect hairstyle for summer...

So yes its summer and you are really confused and do not know how to style your hair. Specially if you have long hair, you do not want them keep open in this hot weather cause its really uncomfortable and messy at times. Why not try out a fish tail braid. Absolutely stylish with that bohemian and casual touch you can rock this hairstyle with most of your summer outfits. Weather going out for a casual lunch , a walk on the beach or just shopping around  its a fit for everything. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review and Fantasy eye look created with coastal scent 88 ultra shimmer pallet

Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer pallet..

All you need to create this look.....

So the day I got my coastal scents pallet in my mail I was super excited but unfortunately could not experiment or even try it (as I generally do whenever I buy something) cause we were leaving for Vegas in less than an hour so i just put it in my in my travel bag.So as soon as I got time after reaching Vegas I started experimenting and ended up creating this fantasy eye look.
   First of all let me review the product.By now lot of you own this pallet but I just want to let you all know what my opinions are.So 88 colors for $21 is super cheap and the quality for this price i guess is good too  but yes it have little fall out, so you need some primers.But ultimately I just love it and glad I bought it.
So now lets come to the look. your eyelids

2.take your eyeshadow brush start applying this pink color on half of your eyelid starting from the tear ducts.

3.Now take the green color and apply it on the other half of your eyelid
4.Blend both pink and green color at their meeting point
5.Next take this shimmering silver color and apply it on the crease of your eyes.
6.Then take your eyeliner or eyepencil(preferably) draw the liner. extend it near the front tear ducts and then extend it at outer corner of your eyes and draw as shown in the picture below.

7 Finish the look by highlighting your brow bone and filling the gaps in between the the extended lines near your tear duct and outer corner of your eyes  with shimmering pearly white color.

ELF eyeshadow review and looks created with them...

So when I saw these reviews of Elf eyeshadows on youtube I was so eager to try them , although the reviews were not saying good stuff about ELF eyeshadows but those duo shadows looked so cute and for the price it was worth giving them a try. So I ran to our target store and bought what ever was available. You can see the details review along with the look created in the video and pictures.

First blog post as a blogger...

So finally I did it,its my first post..I created this blog long back but was unable to post anything...ask me why??? Firstly I am a mom of 2n half yr old so m=now you know how busy and full I stay and then with my two youtube channels all the free time I get are for them and blogging was becoming a bit difficult. But now that my daughter started her preschool my amount of free time have increased. So why not blog <3