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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Diwali party pictures and outfit in collab with Nazranaa boutique.

Hi all finally a super late blogpost, sharing pictures from our post Diwali celebration at a friend's place. Currently I am visiting my home country India and hence the lack of posts as I am very busy with my family and friends enjoying some quality time but i will keep you all posted. Also I will be posting my India vlogs too on my YouTube channel so make sure you are subscribed . Till then enjoy these pics and also the Diwali vlog video here.

Checkout our party vlog video here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Fall look book: Tan and wine outfit for Sunday gate away + Jord Wooden watch giveaway.

Hi all today on blog I am sharing pictures of our fun Sunday outing at one of close friend's lake house. I am not this quick to share a post, I have so many long waited post and pictures to share with you all but I decided to share this post before another firstly because after a long time we went to such a beautiful place surrounded by natural beauty and also because I wanted to share this gorgeous watch that I received from Jord wooden watch. These watches are completely made of wood all natural and handcrafted and at the same time has the modern and luxurious look to it. I have shared a detailed review of the watch on my latest YouTube video watch it here.

Checkout my latest haul video for detail review of the watch

Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Disco Theme Birthday party photos.

Hi all today on blog sharing pictures of my Disco theme birthday party. I hope you all like this pictures also checkout my birthday party vlog video here to see how much fun the party was.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fall look book: Tangerine dress with beige knee high boots.

 Hi all today on blog sharing pictures from our pre Halloween celebration at a local park with friends and family also checkout our vlog video to see how we enjoyed the day.

Checkout the vlog video here 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Durga Puja 2016 photo diary.

Hi all today on blog sharing pictures of our fun filled 2 days of Durga puja which we celebrated with our near and dear friends. I hope you like the pictures also checkout our Durga puja vlog video below to see how we celebrated this auspicious festival.

Check out my Durga puja vlog video.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Look Book : Shades of wine and brown (in collaboration with Chicuu)

Today on blog sharing pictures of this outfit in collaboration with online store Chicuu. I have collaborated with them previously you can checkout my previous collaboration here in the lookbook video featuring their outfits . They have send some more clothing items which I will feature in my future posts on my blog and upcoming haul video on my youtube channel here. Till then enjoy these pics and let me know your thoughts about this look.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Anaira's princess theme 2nd birthday photo.

Here sharing pictures from my younger daughter's princess theme 2nd birthday party hope you all will like it. Birthday vlog will be up on my YouTube vlog channel here soon. 
The party decorations, ideas everything was done by me do leave a comment and let me know how you liked it. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My outfit for The all white charity event.

 Hi all today on blog finally a very late post is going up. Sharing pictures of a charity event where I was one of the host. I was waiting for the organizer to send pictures of the event but haven't yet received so going ahead and sharing whatever photos I have.

Checkout my latest video.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My outfit for Anaira's princess theme 2nd birthday party.

Hi all today on blog sharing pictures of the outfit I wore in my daughter's 2nd birthday party.
It was a princess theme party so I chose to wear this beautiful white gown sent to me by an online store called Ever Pretty they also send me other beautiful gowns you can see them in my latest look book video on my youtbe channel here. More pics from the birthday party will be up soon on my blog.

Checkout my lookbook video.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cut out dress and fringe heels look for Vogue fashion show.

Hi all today on blog sharing pics of my outfit that I wore to the Vogue fashion show that happened last to last week at the Galleria Mall Houston. It was an amazing event a vlog video of the event will be up soon on my vlog channel here till then enjoy the pictures. 

Check out my latest look book video 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Styling a off the shoulder gown for prom or special occasion in collab with Ever Pretty.

Hi all today on blog sharing pictures of this beautiful blue off the shoulder gown that I received from an online store called ever pretty . They have sent bunch of other stunning gowns which I will show and review in my up coming video on my YouTube channel soon.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fall lookbook: Pink and leopard print combining two fall trends together.

Hi all today on blog sharing pictures of how I styled this beautiful pink leopard print ankle length dress that I received from an online store called Sammy dress. They also sent me bunch of other clothes you can check out a detailed review and also enter my on going giveaway for a chance to win $25 Sammy Dress gift card in my latest haul video down below.

Check out my haul and giveaway video

Monday, September 12, 2016

Styling a cut out black & white stripe dress in collab with Sammy Dress.

Hi all today on blog sharing pictures featuring this beautiful cut-out dress from Sammy Dress. This dress is so well made especially for the price. They sent me tons of other beautiful clothes and do check out the detailed review and try out haul featuring them on my Youtube Channel here.

Haul and Giveaway video.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Styling a blue lace maxi dress in collaboration Eric dress

Hi all today on blog sharing some pictures of how I styled this beautiful lace maxi dress that I received from an online store named Ericdress. They also sent me another beautiful lace dress you can see it here on my previous post. Also checkout the detailed review of these dresses and the shipping time etc in my latest fashion haul video and enter the GIVEAWAY here for a chance to win some makeup goodie.

Checkout the video

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Styling a lace dress elegantly in collaboration with Eric Dress.

Hi all today on blog sharing pictures of how I styled this beautiful mauve color lace dress that I received from an online store named Eric Dress .This a very pretty and well made lace dress available at a very low price. They also sent me another beautiful lace dress you can check it out in my recnt haul video below also don't forget to enter the ongoing giveaway there.

Checkout my haul and Giveaway video.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Wrap style slit maxi dress styling in collaboration with Selfie Leslie .

Hi all today on blog sharing some pictures of one of my current favorite thigh high slit maxi dress that I received from an online store called Selfie Leslie . You can check out my detailed review of the dress and company in my latest haul video below also don't forget to enter my current giveaway for a chance to win a watch worth of $150. 

Checkout latest Haul & Giveaway video.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Lace up dress and lace floral heels in collaboration with Zaful.

Hi all today on blog featuring this beautiful dress and stunning pair of shoes that I recieved from an online store called Zaful . I wore this to a movie and lunch date with my friends you can watch our fun vlog video here.  Do checkout the details review of the dress and shoe and other items I received from Zaful on my recent haul video also enter the on going giveaway for a chance to win $150 worth of watch.

Checkout my haul and giveaway video

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pom pom off the shoulder dress on Day 2 at Galveston.

Hi all today on blog sharing more pictures from our recent trip to the beach as I said in my previous post here it was a sudden plan and we spent a day and a half relaxing and having fun at the beach and resort. You can see our fun trip videos below.

Checkout trip video here

Monday, August 15, 2016

Sudden gate away to Galveston Island beach.

Hi all so today on blog sharing pictures from our sudden gate-away to the Galveston Island beach here in Texas, which is an hour drive to the south from our place. As my hubby had days off from office so we decided to go to Galveston for a day to relax at a resort and have little fun at the beach. After some research we decided to stay at the Double tree by Hilton resort by the beach, it was a great stay. We had a wonderful and much needed relaxing vacation. You can see our trip video down and here are some pictures from the first day of the trip more pictures to be followed soon.

                            Checkout our trip video here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer look book : Off the shoulder dress styling and Sammy dress giveaway.

Baring a little skin never hurts anyone that being said what about showing off those sun kissed shoulders. You all must be aware off the shoulder or cold shoulder has been such a hit trend this spring and I was literally obsessed with that in fact am still obsessed, so much so that i couldn't stop wearing it I am still wearing it and in fact there is another four new off the shoulder clothes waiting in my closet to be worn.
                         So the other day i wore this cute red off the shoulder dress on a sudden shopping and dinner trip with my family, you can watch the fun vlog of the day here. I received the this dress from a company called Sammy dress and absolutely love it. For the price it is such an amazing steal. I also received tons of other items from the company you can see them all in my latest fashion haul video down and enter the giveaway for a chance to win Sammy dress gift card.

Checkout the haul video 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Summer look book : Wrap maxi dress styling.

 Wrap dress is one of my favorite style of dress to wear I think it flatters my figure very nicely. I own two expensive pieces of wrap dress one the very iconic DVF silk wrap dress and another is from BCBG. Another favorite dress is maxi dress in fact its my go to summer wear most of the time. So when both of this style combined I couldn't help but indulge in a shopping spree of wrap maxi dresses. Although I bought these dresses few month ago i did not have the chance to wear them until now (too many clothes problem). Anyways the wrap maxi dress that am wearing today on blog I received it from an online store named Sammy dress its a beautiful piece and very inexpensive too. They sent bunch of other clothes and accessories you can see everything here on my fashion haul.

Checkout the video here

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bohochic summer look and visiting White Sands National Monument , New mexico.

Hi all today on blog sharing my experience, traveling tips and pictures from our trip to White Sands National monuments, New Mexico. So few weeks back we traveled all the way to New Mexico to explore some beautiful places. It was a road trip we drove almost 2400 miles round trip to and from Houston, Texas. New Mexico is such a beautiful place the natural beauty all around was breath taking. We started our trip from Albuquerque, you can checkout my last two posts  here and here to see the beautiful places that we visited during our stay in Albuquerque. Next stop was Santa Fe where we visited Sandia peak the beauty of that place the trap ride to 10,000 feet top of the peak and dinner on peak top restaurant was one of a kind of experience you see pictures and read more about it here in my last post. And we concluded our trip with the visit to one of the most beautiful place I have been to that is the white sand dunes. It was one of a kind of experience. White all around for miles and miles. Me and hubby relaxed on the sand waiting for the sun to set while the kids enjoyed sliding down the small sand dunes. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

New Mexico Vacation : Dinner at 10000 feet top at Sandia Peak.

Hello all today on blog sharing pictures from our trip to Sandia Peak , Albuquerque that we visited during our New Mexico vacation. It was a wonderful experience. Starting from the drive, to the tram ride, to having some delicious dinner on top of 10000 feet high peak was a one of kind experience. Here sharing my experience through pictures.

Checkout our trip video here

Monday, July 25, 2016

New Mexico Vacation pictures: Day 2 at Albuquerque Biological Park.

Hi all today on blog I am sharing pictures from the 2nd day of our New Mexico Vacation. On the 2nd day of our stay at Albuquerque in the morning we went to the Albuquerque Boilogical park which is a combination of botanical garden and aquarium. It was a beautiful place to explore my kids enjoyed it a lot specially the aquarium I loved the gardens with different landscapes featuring different countries. All in all it was a wonderful day spent later in the evening we went to Sandia Peak where we took a tram ride to 10,000 feet top of the peak to enjoy the view, sunset and lovely dinner at the high maintainance restaurant located on top of the peak. Pictures of the Sandia Peak trip will be up soon till then enjoy part 2 of our vacation Vlog video up here. And if you haven't seen part 1 of our vacation then you can check it out here

Checkout the vacation Vlog video 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Mexico vacation pictures: Day 1 at New Town Plaza Albuquerque.

Hello all yay weekend is almost here I get so pumped out with weekend being so close. So last week we went for a 6 day long trip to New Mexico and here is my first post on the vacation. On this vacation I have seen some of the most beautiful places. We started on the 5th of July drove straight for 8 hours and stayed the night at a hotel at next day we drove another 4 hours to Albuquerque New Mexico the drive itself was so beautiful. We reached our hotel at around 3pm freshened up enjoyed the view from the hotel while having coffee then quickly got ready to explore the city. The first day we didn't want to do anything much as the drive made us little tired so we decided to explore the old town plaza , Albuquerque which was just 6
miles from our hotel . I loved that place , it gave a feeling of old Spanish town the small houses and colorful background made me so happy I couldn't stop taking pictures. If you are at Albuquerque this place is a must visit. It had small shops and Mexican restaurants. We wanted to have dinner at one of the restaurants their but by the time we were done exploring the city and ready to dine most of the restaurants their was closed so if you want to dine there make sure you are ready by 7pm as most of the restaurants closes by 8pm. There are small gift shops from where you can buy Indian jewelries and arts, we got homemade chocolates and eat some snacks while enjoying live music by a local band. All in all it was an wonderful experience. Here sharing some pictures from the first day at Albuquerque also you can Checkout first part of the vacation vlog video here.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer lookbook: Stripe dress with a pop of red.

Hello all hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I am on a long vacation which is coming to an end almost and am a bit sad about that but never mind my heart is filled with beautiful memories of the vacation. I have seen some of the most beautiful places on this trip I will share pictures soon on my blog till then you can see some pictures I shared on Instagram . Also I have captured some amazing videos of the trip so a vacation Vlog will be up on my YouTube vlog channel . While on vacation I planed to post some outfit posts but it didn't work according to my plans, although I carried my laptop and had access to the internet but after exploring different places throughout the day I used to feel too tired to even open my laptop, I didn't force my self to work as I wanted a relaxing vacation. But today is the last day of vacation and nothing much to do we visited a place in the morning and we are heading towards our home our home is a little more than 800miles drive we will drive for 500 miles and stay at a hotel and then will cover the rest of 300 miles to home . So while my hubby is driving and kids are sleeping in the back seat I have some time in my hand and thought of sharing this outfit post with you all. I wore this black and white stripe dress and my favorite red fringe heels to support a blogger friend at an event at Neiman Marcus's Houston Galleria Mall few weeks back, this dress is an absolute favorite of mine and was such a steal was on clearance for 80% off can you imagine. Also the clutch from Calvin Klein was another steal deal originally $140 I paid just $88. I hope you all like my look and can't wait to share my vacation looks with you all,  have a wonderful week ahead. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer look book: Styling a backless maxi dress in collab with chicu.

Hi all happy long weekend hope you all are having a wonderful 4th of July weekend. You all must be occupied with plans , trips and vacation. Its quite slow and low key here. We are not doing anything over the long weekend we are actually leaving for a 5 day long vacation mid of next week, thanks to the off days that hubby has due to his change in work. So we want to make full use of those off days and going to a place where I rather we both (me and hubby) wanted to go for a long. I will be sharing about our vacation on my Instagram so make sure you follow me there. Since we not doing much over the weekend I did not shoot any outfit pictures too so this weekend sharing pictures of outfit I received from an online store called Chicuu .
I wore this beautiful backless maxi dress to a pool party on top of my swimwear and received a ton of compliments. I love maxi dresses its my favorite outfit during the summer so I asked them to send me
three beautiful maxi dresses , you can see the other two here on my youtube channel where I shared how I styled them also I am giving away $25 Chicuu gift card. So checkout the video enter the giveaway.

Chicuu look book and Giveaway.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Styling neon outfit in summer and Father's day party pictures.

Hi all today on blog I am sharing some pictures from our father's day party and also my outfit pictures. I wore a neon blue cut out chiffon dress and paired with yellow accessories and purse. Although spring is over but still I thought of going with these vibrant colors. You know I am all about colors. 

Checkout our father's day party vlog video

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer look book: Black and white look in collaboration with Ami club wear.

Hi all here is my first look for Summer in collaboration with Ami Club Wear . They sent me bunch of beautiful clothes and shoes and for today's look I chose to wore this white coordinates and paired with this black cut out heels frm Ami Club wear too. I thought of adding a pop color by carrying a colorful purse then I changed my mind and wore everything in black white and silver combination kind of matching with my car. I loved the matterial and finish of their clothing I think the clothes are really good specially for the low prices. You can see the rest of items and detailed review in my latest youtube video here and also I am giving away a beautiful handbag so make sure you checkout the video to enter.

Checkout my latest haul and GIVEAWAY video.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Spring look book: Crop top and stretch marks.

Hi all, if you have been following my fashion blog for a while now you must have noticed I don't write much on my blog. All I share is the outfit details and at most a little hi and hello. That's because firstly I started this blog to just document and share my daily style and give some styling ideas and secondly to be honest am not a very good writer also I do not have much to write about, whatever is going on in my life that I would like to share I share them on my vlog videos here. But today I have a little thought that I would like to share with you all. This outfit has been sitting in my closet for long now, I got this crop top almost 6 months back thinking to pair it with this blue high waist shorts exactly the way I did here I thought both these vibrant colors would look so awesome together and would be such a perfect look for spring. I don't know about you all but when I buy any cloth the first thing I think is how will I style it then I envision myself in the outfit and try to figure out if it's meant for me and my body type and most of the time I am successful in evaluating them but with this top it was a disaster.  So I bought it without trying it on, at home I paired it with the shorts and tried it on and was just heartbroken. I know you must be thinking what's the big deal it's just a crop top but then when I bought the top I wasn't in the best of shape. My thighs were huge (which still are but were even bigger) my belly rolls were still being hidden by the loose style dresses and tops and then suddenly when I wore this crop top with this short it was nothing like I envisioned not only I looked like I am trying to wear my kids, clothes but it made me so conscious and uncomfortable. I folded it neatly and kept it in my closet and thought if I am ever successful in losing those belly rolls may be I can wear it. Then I started gym. I started with Zumba and yoga and ended up in a body pump class ( a workout class where you workout with weights ) I got hooked to it and now I am a total addict. I could see results thighs shrinking, flat stomach. I got so excited started trying out clothes in my closet that were too tight before and now they looked perfect. So it was time to try the crop top and guess what it looked almost exactly how I envisioned I was so happy and was thinking what bag to carry trying out shoes to pair with it when I saw these stretch marks on my body which were so clearly visible. It made me conscious again . So now that I have a body to wear these clothes the skin makes me conscious what should I do. I had an option for my disproportionate body I could workout and get results but for the stretch marks that were almost showing up on every exposed parts of my body what do I do about them? May be the stretch marks on thighs I can conceal with some makeup but what about the ones that I have (earned) on my stomach from having two kids those cant be concealed it covers almost my entire belly and most of the skin are loose too, so shall I give up on wearing them. I thought and thought and came to a conclusion, there are somethings  I can't do anything about and it should not bother me. As long as my stretch marks are not an eye sore to anyone or me  I think I should be fine with it. I think I should stop bothering about how others are going to react may be nobody would even notice. So anyway I wore it and went to a day out with my family to the park and later shopping and I think no one even cared about my stretch marks I think I was the one who was more bothered, I think even if I wore the outfit without losing weight no one would care either . But I am glad I made healthy choices and reached the goal of having a better body as it was something in my hands but things that isn't in our hand we should let go of them and now I love my stretch marks even more as I think each mark on my body tells a story. The ones on my belly says how proud I am to be a mommy and the ones on my thighs say how hardworking I am, it took lot of work to reach my goal so why hide them now.

Checkout my Vlog video 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Spring lookbook: Styling a jumpsuit day to night look.

Hi all today on my blog I am showing how to style a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are my favorite outfit for spring and summer, you don't need to stress about pairing and styling cause you can wear it both casually and also bit dressy too. I wore this chiffon jumpsuit to a party at a friend's place during the day time I wore it by itself kept my hair open and wore these matching emerald color ear rings . Later that night I went out with my girls for a night out wearing the same jumpsuit this time I paired it with a white blazer and  and tied my hair into a center parted sleek pony tail and added a necklace to it. For both day and evening I wore the same snake print heels and carried a clutch, as the day time event was a party too but if you are going out for a day stroll or outing you can definitely pair it with a flat sandal and carry a huge tote and tie your hair into a top knot for more of a casual summer look as I did for another jumpsuit look here.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spring look book: White hot & saddle bag styling spring trend.

Hi all today on blog I am featuring two top Spring fashion trends one white and second saddle bag. I worr this very pretty summery white top that was a steal deal from Abercrombie which I showed in my latest haul video here . I pared it up with this casual denims and nude heels and nude saddle bag. I hope you all like this look.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Oklahoma trip pictures day 2. (styling a short and casual summer loose tee)

Hi guys wanted to share some more pictures from our latest trip to Oklahoma. I posted pictures from the first day of  the trip previously here on my blog now here are some pictures from the second day of the trip. Second day was mainly relaxing and having fun with our friends in our luxury cabins. You can checkout the fun trip vlog video here to know more about the trip.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Spring lookbook: Styling a shirt dress & weekend party pics.

Hi all, so finally this super late post goes up. I have been trying to be regular on my blog but in vain. I have tons of outfit post to share with you all but only if I get the time to sit and work on my blog and publish them timely. With my little one growing up opening my laptop has been a challenge now. She wants my attention whenever she sees me working on the laptop, she want me to play with her and if I don't she becomes cranky so I have to give up my work half way through. Never mind I will keep trying. Today's post is about styling a shirt dress. Shirt dresses are a huge trend this spring and I got a couple of them this one is my absolute favorite. Just for $10 from Charlotte ruse it was a steal. I wore it to a friends' wedding anniversary party I shared some pictures from the party too, hope you all like it. Also checkout my latest YouTube video where I tried dollar tree makeup products and and also GIVING AWAY some makeup .

Checkout the video 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Foundatsimon Influencer event.

Last Thursday I attended founatsimon influencer event  hosted by shopsimon and houstongalleria. It was an amazing experience. The evening started with a perfect outdoor setting where we socialized and enjoyed cocktails while getting a preview of latest fashion trend from  The Webster , La Perla , and Erdem  followed by a delicious dinner and evening of luxe fashion and entertainment and we got a little makeup touch up from the Gucci beauty station and a gucci glam bag to take home . It was such a great event and I am so grateful to be a part of it and the best part was to make new blogger friends. And last and not the least special thanks to Elisheva Golani for some beautiful snaps do checkout her website here  for more amazing work.
Photo credit elishevagolani

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Oklamhoma Trip pictures.

Hi all so last weekend we went to a trip to Oklahoma with family and friends. It was more of a relaxing and fun trip. We booked cabins at the Beavers Bend luxury cabin at Beaver Bend. It's a beautiful place to have a relaxing vacation. It's a 5 hours drive from our place (we are from North of Houston) the drive itself was so beautiful lots of greenery and beautiful stretch of country roads. We did not do much of actives there plans out main goal was to relax and have a good time with our friends. We reached there Friday late night, wrapped up the night with some yummy food and long conversations with our friends. Next morning that is Saturday we went to the Beavers Bend state park which was about 5 miles drive from our cabin. It's a breathtaking place with some awesome views. We hiked a bit, the kids played in the water while we adults relaxed in the sand. Later that evening we had bonefire and BBQ at our cabin , our hubbies surprised us with special cooked meal as a pre Mother's Day surprise. Later we wrapped up the night with music, dance and fun games. Over all it was an amazing and fun trip. You can checkout our trip vlog video here.

Checkout the trip video.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Spring lookbook + Pictues from Katy Mills bloggers event.

Hi all so last to last weekend I attended Houston Tidbits' Spring Trend Event for Bloggers at Katy Mills where some of Houston's top bloggers were invited for a spring trends showcase at Neiman Marcus Last CallIt was an amazing event started with some breakfast and mimosas, later we enjoyed an awesome spring fashion show where we got insight into spring fashion trend 2016 like white hot, boho chic,bare shoulders,wrap and tie shoes, feminine details,orange to red, bejeweled yourself are to name some. I met some fabulous fellow Houston fashion bloggers. You can see more about he event here. We also received an awesome goody bag and gift card which I happened to spend at the Neiman Marcus Last Call store only as they have all these designer and name brand clothes and accessorizes for fraction of the retail price plus there was this huge sale going on upto 50% of on already mark down items so I went crazy as well saved a ton of money on designer clothes. So you should definitely check out your local Last Call store. We also got to visit Kate spade and Luxury beauty store to know more about Spring trend.
And now sharing some pictures from the event and my outfit that I wore to the event.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spring lookbook: Mommy and me outfit idea.

Checkout our mommy & baby haul video.

So finally a super late post is up. These pictures are from Easter weekend when we went to our local Easter fair with the kids. I wore matching outfits with my daughters. I always love matching my outfits with my kids if not exactly the same clothes I try to wear color coordinated clothes at least. Most of the time its difficult to find out exact same clothes for three of us as we need to look in 3 different sections of a store but there are many stores where they have "mommy and me" sections and also many online stores offer custom made clothes for mother and daughters but I find them pretty expensive . If its once in a while or occasionally you wanna match your outfits with your kids then you can totally try out those stores but if its always you want to match then it becomes little difficult. So I am always on the hunt and have to be innovative to try and find matching clothes with my kids, like for this look Anaira received this over all on her birthday as a gift and the other day while doing my grocery at Walmart I saw a jeans overall at kids clothing section and I picked up one for Samayera and thought both my kids will wear matching clothes at least and as I was about to leave I saw few overalls in the kids size 14-16 and I thought of giving it try (sounds crazy right) but I have lost a lot of weight and now XS fits me perfectly so I thought I might fit into a 16 yrs cloth and yes I was right . It fitted me like a glove and I was so happy and the best part was it was super affordable. And there was my perfect "mommy and me" look.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring outing in a printed jumpsuit.

Checkout my latest video.

So last to last weekend we went to a lovely water-park some 60 miles away from our home and spent some great time with family and friends. Here's sharing some pictures of the fun day out hope you all will like them .