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Friday, March 8, 2013

My fitness collaboration with Ellie.

Hi all so lately  have been getting lots of requests to share my fitness regimes and secrets so here it is. I never claim to have a perfect body or model like figure but after having a baby through c-section it is really not that hard to put on some extra pounds real quick but I have been successful in keeping myself away from those extra pounds. Although it has been 4 years since I had my baby but I have seen a huge change in my body and I am sure any women who have a c-section specially will agree to it, since then its feels like even a single slice of cheese can make me fat. 
So what I basically do to keep myself fit is eat healthy and workout. I watch what I eat I eat lots of fruits and veggies and drink a lots of water through out the day.Checkout the video below for some healthy but tasty recipes that will help you stay fit.

 I make sure I workout everyday, the days I feel lazy to workout I do what I love the most, dance for an hour or so. And also thanks to my daughter who has a huge contribution in keeping me slim , she keeps me on my toes the entire day :) . I love to jog during the warmer days another way to loose a lot of pounds or go for hiking trips with my family.

Lastly I would like to admit being very much into clothes and the fashion freak person I am I wanna look good even when I workout, so I have to have the most fabulous workout attire on when I am working out no mater where I am working out. And thanks to the company called Ellie for providing me with such fabulous pieces of workout clothes that I feel like working out all day long. You can order your one and receive branded workout clothes (both upper and bottoms) for just $49.95 each month and wait Click here to get an additional 20% off. 

Both upper bottom for just $49.95

             Some Of The cloths From Ellie's March Catalog

Both upper and bottom for just $49.95 + free shipping when you become their Fit FashionistaClub member.