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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Styling a maxi dress in winter in collab with Zaful.

Hello lovely readers how are you doing ? Happy thanksgiving, hope you all are having a wonderful long weekend if you are in the US and rest are having a good weekend. I am busy doing some shopping specially for the kids and home ,lately I have been feeling very proud about myself for not being an impulsive shopper anymore. I have stopped buying things that I don't need. Nowadays I hardly shop for myself and if I do I buy things that I really need or will be useful. I was looking into buying a new camera or a lens for my present Nikon DSLR and thought black Friday will be the ideal time to get it but did not find any good deal so if you know of any good deal please let me know and also any suggestions for a good camera, please pour in. And now for the outfit I am wearing this beautiful and very unique maxi dress sent to me by online store Zaful . Rest of the outfit details are at the end of the post.