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Thursday, July 14, 2011

All about my Nail polish obsession..

That is my nail polish display rack.
Yes nail polish was the first cosmetics that I ever used or owned. As every other kid I did paint my nails when I was really very small for a school performance or something but that's it, my mom never allowed to paint my nails until the age of 13. At an early age of 12 when my interest for cosmetics , jewelry, fashion, bling blah blah blah started growing, I wanted to try out every single items of my mom's vanity. But when it came to cosmetics and stuff mom was too strict to convince but finally she bought me a nail polish and was allowed to paint my nails during the weekends(because of school). And I still remember the joy of owning my first ever nail polish. I guess I even did brag about it to my friends.From then till today I am really addicted to nail polish. Everyone loves nicely painted nails and so do I . And I make sure my nails are always done but with a kid it becomes difficult sometimes, but yes I always make sure I have more than enough colors to choose from and match outfit. Starting from common colors like red, pink, fuchsia to vibrant fun colors like yellow , blue , green or goth colors like black my collection have got everything.

These nail polishes are my latest purchases this week.