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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Victoria's secret eyeshadow swatches and review.

So this was my first purchase of victoria's secret makeup. After dropping my daughter at her school I went to the mall to spend my free time shopping around, and thats when I came across these eyeshadows at the Victoria's Secret store. I was instantly attracted towards them and specially because of their packaging. I am a sucker for single eyeshadows, I wear it or not I keep hoarding them.
 And when I saw these cute eyeshadows I could not resist but bought them, as this was my first purchase
 and I was not sure of its pigmentation and color payoff I bought only two of them.                                                

 Ok so for the review part now, lets start with the pros, firstly its highly pigmented. The color pay off is great too. Now lets talk about the cons , yes its a bit chalky specially the wet dry shadow, but using it with a good primer you can easily avoid fall outs. Overall they are really good and I am happy with the purchase and hopefully will buy more of them soon.
                                Under sunlight
                               Color:Plum Crazy
                                 Eye shadow type: Wet dry 

                                                             Under artificial lighting.

                                                                      Under sunlight
               Color:Green Goddess  
                     Eye shadow type: Baked

                                                           Under artificial lighting.

Both color's swatches under sunlight.

 Both color's swatches under artificial lighting.