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Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Mexico vacation pictures: Day 1 at New Town Plaza Albuquerque.

Hello all yay weekend is almost here I get so pumped out with weekend being so close. So last week we went for a 6 day long trip to New Mexico and here is my first post on the vacation. On this vacation I have seen some of the most beautiful places. We started on the 5th of July drove straight for 8 hours and stayed the night at a hotel at next day we drove another 4 hours to Albuquerque New Mexico the drive itself was so beautiful. We reached our hotel at around 3pm freshened up enjoyed the view from the hotel while having coffee then quickly got ready to explore the city. The first day we didn't want to do anything much as the drive made us little tired so we decided to explore the old town plaza , Albuquerque which was just 6
miles from our hotel . I loved that place , it gave a feeling of old Spanish town the small houses and colorful background made me so happy I couldn't stop taking pictures. If you are at Albuquerque this place is a must visit. It had small shops and Mexican restaurants. We wanted to have dinner at one of the restaurants their but by the time we were done exploring the city and ready to dine most of the restaurants their was closed so if you want to dine there make sure you are ready by 7pm as most of the restaurants closes by 8pm. There are small gift shops from where you can buy Indian jewelries and arts, we got homemade chocolates and eat some snacks while enjoying live music by a local band. All in all it was an wonderful experience. Here sharing some pictures from the first day at Albuquerque also you can Checkout first part of the vacation vlog video here.