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Friday, June 17, 2016

Spring look book: Crop top and stretch marks.

Hi all, if you have been following my fashion blog for a while now you must have noticed I don't write much on my blog. All I share is the outfit details and at most a little hi and hello. That's because firstly I started this blog to just document and share my daily style and give some styling ideas and secondly to be honest am not a very good writer also I do not have much to write about, whatever is going on in my life that I would like to share I share them on my vlog videos here. But today I have a little thought that I would like to share with you all. This outfit has been sitting in my closet for long now, I got this crop top almost 6 months back thinking to pair it with this blue high waist shorts exactly the way I did here I thought both these vibrant colors would look so awesome together and would be such a perfect look for spring. I don't know about you all but when I buy any cloth the first thing I think is how will I style it then I envision myself in the outfit and try to figure out if it's meant for me and my body type and most of the time I am successful in evaluating them but with this top it was a disaster.  So I bought it without trying it on, at home I paired it with the shorts and tried it on and was just heartbroken. I know you must be thinking what's the big deal it's just a crop top but then when I bought the top I wasn't in the best of shape. My thighs were huge (which still are but were even bigger) my belly rolls were still being hidden by the loose style dresses and tops and then suddenly when I wore this crop top with this short it was nothing like I envisioned not only I looked like I am trying to wear my kids, clothes but it made me so conscious and uncomfortable. I folded it neatly and kept it in my closet and thought if I am ever successful in losing those belly rolls may be I can wear it. Then I started gym. I started with Zumba and yoga and ended up in a body pump class ( a workout class where you workout with weights ) I got hooked to it and now I am a total addict. I could see results thighs shrinking, flat stomach. I got so excited started trying out clothes in my closet that were too tight before and now they looked perfect. So it was time to try the crop top and guess what it looked almost exactly how I envisioned I was so happy and was thinking what bag to carry trying out shoes to pair with it when I saw these stretch marks on my body which were so clearly visible. It made me conscious again . So now that I have a body to wear these clothes the skin makes me conscious what should I do. I had an option for my disproportionate body I could workout and get results but for the stretch marks that were almost showing up on every exposed parts of my body what do I do about them? May be the stretch marks on thighs I can conceal with some makeup but what about the ones that I have (earned) on my stomach from having two kids those cant be concealed it covers almost my entire belly and most of the skin are loose too, so shall I give up on wearing them. I thought and thought and came to a conclusion, there are somethings  I can't do anything about and it should not bother me. As long as my stretch marks are not an eye sore to anyone or me  I think I should be fine with it. I think I should stop bothering about how others are going to react may be nobody would even notice. So anyway I wore it and went to a day out with my family to the park and later shopping and I think no one even cared about my stretch marks I think I was the one who was more bothered, I think even if I wore the outfit without losing weight no one would care either . But I am glad I made healthy choices and reached the goal of having a better body as it was something in my hands but things that isn't in our hand we should let go of them and now I love my stretch marks even more as I think each mark on my body tells a story. The ones on my belly says how proud I am to be a mommy and the ones on my thighs say how hardworking I am, it took lot of work to reach my goal so why hide them now.

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