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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Guess change is for good.

Hi all. So if you follow me on social media you might have noticed by now that we have moved (yes again) to a new place. Yes we moved up north to Wisconsin away from the hot and humid whether of Texas because of my hubby's job. Loving the new place although not new as we have lived here in Wisconsin earlier but in a different city so I will call it a new place, love our new apartment but Texas and my friends from there are being missed terribly. Texas holds a special place in my heart and always will but that being said I cant keep feeling low all the time thats how life is and I have to accept the reality so I am trying to keep myself busy with my blogging work and exploring the new place and enjoying some fun things here and one of them was snowfall that happened last week. Its not first time that am seeing snowfall when we were here in Wisconsin previously then had snow blizzard so have seen even more snow but that had been quite a few years now so this snowfall got me excited so i thought of taking some outfit pictures in this beautiful background in my new guess coat. Hope you all like this look and these lovely pictures taken by my hubby dear.