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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Styling a maxi dress in winter in collab with Zaful.

Hello lovely readers how are you doing ? Happy thanksgiving, hope you all are having a wonderful long weekend if you are in the US and rest are having a good weekend. I am busy doing some shopping specially for the kids and home ,lately I have been feeling very proud about myself for not being an impulsive shopper anymore. I have stopped buying things that I don't need. Nowadays I hardly shop for myself and if I do I buy things that I really need or will be useful. I was looking into buying a new camera or a lens for my present Nikon DSLR and thought black Friday will be the ideal time to get it but did not find any good deal so if you know of any good deal please let me know and also any suggestions for a good camera, please pour in. And now for the outfit I am wearing this beautiful and very unique maxi dress sent to me by online store Zaful . Rest of the outfit details are at the end of the post.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Diwali 2015

Hi all hope you all are enjoying the weekend. Last weekend we celebrated Diwali with our close friends hosted by our dear friends Sushant and Gargy. We had awesome fun. We enjoyed delicious food , did little pooja, burned crackers everyone gave performances which we enjoyed a lot. It was a sleepover party so once the kids were asleep we started with our card games and board games, crazy dance etc etc till late night. Next day the friends whose place we were staying at treated us with delicious home cooked lunch later after lunch I took my girlfriend's for a drive in my new car then  we left for home in the evening with huge bag of Diwali gift from the hosts. All in all it was one of the best Diwali till date. Here's sharing some photos of the party and the outfit that I wore . I will soon upload the blog video on my YouTube channel soon.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fall Look book: Monochome high low dress from Zaful.

Hi all how was your weekend? Mine was wonderful, throughout last week we celebrated one of our biggest festival , the festival of light Diwali. We celebrated it with our friends over the weekend but Diwali was actually on Wednesday and on the day of Diwali we din't want to stay at home, wanted to do something but weekdays most of our non Indian friends were busy and our Indian friends all stay quite far so making any plans on weekdays was not possible so we decided to go out and have dinner at one of our favorite restaurant and then drove around the town in my new Audi. I wore this high low dress that I received from an online store zaful they also sent me another beautiful dress and my stunning pair of heel is from Ami Clubwear to see that detailed review of the items checkout my latest haul video here . 


Thursday, November 12, 2015

My birthday celebration 2015.

 Hi all today am sharing pictures of my birthday celebration. This birthday was one the best till date it made me feel how blessed I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people who love me so much. First it started with a surprise party that my girlfriend Stephanie and Yehnita threw at my favorite pub. It was a night of fun with dancing, drinking and endless surprises. Words cannot describe how special they made me feel.My birthday was on Monday,Nov 2nd but the celebration started from Friday Oct 30th. On my Birthday I was not well so did not do much , hubby and daughter surprised me with cake, flower and cards, later went for some shopping and ended the night watching a movie and eating dinner that we took out. Later that weekend hubby threw a small party to celebrate my birthday with rest of my very close friends. It was a red and black theme party I wore my favorite Daine Von dress. We had way too much fun, hubby got some delicious Indian food, we danced, we sang played games almost the entire night. And the best part my hubby instord for later , my birthday gift. Hubby gifted me a brand new 2015 Audi A4 car what more I need. All in all the best birthday ever.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween 2k15

Hi all how are you doing? Today I am going to share our pictures from Halloween celebration last weekend. It was so much fun with the kids , friends and family. This is was basically my younger daughter Anaira's first time dressing up and going trick or treating so I was very excited, last year she was just month old during Halloween so we could not do much but this year we enjoyed to the fullest. I dressed up as Cleopatra I made the costume myself also you can see the makeup tutorial on my  here on my Youtube channel. I also made this cape for Anaira and dresses her as Rd riding hood. Samayera was over excited as she got to spent the entire day with her friends we went to two different events and she wore two different costumes first she dressd up as Rapunzel and then Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen. Hubby did not dress up this year as he was very busy the entire morning with his office work laer in the evening he took us trick or treating at a friend's neighborhood and was the camera man for the evening.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Anaira turns one.

So its been almost a month that we celebrated our younger daughter Anaira's 1st Birthday and ever since then I have been trying to upload these awesome photos with you all but some how or the other it got delayed. Today I was actually about to share my Halloween post when I came across this birth day post still lying in the draft section so I decided to share this post instead. Hope you all will like the pictures.
Photo courtesy : Our friend Partha Roy