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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hair routine, how to get long beautiful hair.

From a very small age I have very long hair, but then my mom was always there to take care of it, but now me being a mom myself and being busy and out the entire day its tough to maintain my long hair. But still I always prefer long hair as it suits me a lot ,so how do I take care of it? Basically, I do nothing out of the ordinary. First of all I should be thankful that I have such lovely hair (no self praising or braging just the truth) I think genetically I am blesses with great hair so I generally do not have to do a lot to maintain them , all I do is shampoo and condition my hair. 
Yes I have a few problem firstly dandruff and secondly split ends. So for the first problem I try to keep my scalp clean by shampooing my hair every other day and also I am very particular about what shampoo I use.(I am going to list all the product at the end). For split ends I avoid teasing my hair by using less heat and chemicals on my hair and also trim my hair timely. I have oily dandruff so my hair becomes very oily so I shampoo every other day and try and keep my scalp clean. I make sure I use minimal amount of chemicals on my hair. I also do not expose my hair to to much heat and dirt. I try to use my straightner and blow dryer as less as I can. And I drink plenty of water which helps maintain the shine of my hair. This is my simple and easy hair care routine. And I like it this way, I guess overdoing with hair by using every other product in the market does not help, at least not in my case.

Selsun blue
Shampoo used by me , and I think is the best 
if u have dandruff.

 Pantene flat to volume conditioner
    Condtioner used by me.

 Nexus maximum Hair spray
 Only spray used by me only
 when I curl my hair
 to hold the curls longer.


  1. i use selsun too ,n its amazing ...i hv use a lot n lot of shampoo to control dandruff,but this one is d best !!